Spanish-American War Veterans at Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Spanish-American War Company K., 3rd Division Kentucky Volunteer Infantry was organized in Paducah KY April 28, 1898, mustered into the United States service May 23, 1898, mustered out May 16, 1899.  The company flag was made and presented by Mrs. John J. Dorian (Katie Mohan), of Paducah. 

Interred in Mt. Carmel Cemetery. The following men were interred in Mt. Carmel Cemetery and were members of St. Francis de Sales:  Ernest Karnes, John G. Schraven, Frank P. Hill, Will Haffey, and Lee Shanks.

From obituary of Lee Shanks:
Lee Shanks killed in a rail road wreck, former Paducahan who was a Rosevelt Rough Rider.

Lee Shanks, 39 years old, a former Paducah boy and a member of Teddy Rosevelts Rough Riders in the Spanish American War, met his death yesterday in a railroad wreck near Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Particulars of his death have not been received in the city, but he as employed as an engineer on the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad.  Mr. Shanks established a record for bravery while with the Rough Riders and was in the hot battles of San Juan Hill and San Diego.

After the war he returned to Paducah and resided for a number of years. About eight years ago he removed to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to live. He is survived b a wife and five small children.  He is remembered by many of the citizens of Paducah and particularly for feats while a Rough Rider in the Spanish-American War. Lee Shanks is buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Section 15, lot number 068B